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A healthy day (via A Frog in)

It looks like fiction but yet something very precise–more rather less is needed today

A healthy day I went with my new friend from Holland to do the health check-up at 9 am. It's quite like an obstacle course: you give your student ID, fill a form, then pay. Then you have students checking your heigh, then you go to the weight, then take of you bad again, they check your pressure. Number 6 is the urine test, you have to queue to the toilets outside, then number 7 is the eyes check-up (1,5/2,, yeah, eyes check-up is on 2, and Belinda said that 1 … Read More

via A Frog in


About dmnetworkdon

I was a builder of homes until the banks crashed and took me with them--I am now a wellness coach and network marketer. I love sports and also love the little thing I do to make a living.

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