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"If your Overweight watch out" Your the next target for the state… (via ATOS REGISTER OF SHAME)

I am a wellness coach who believes we have a society well overweight but this is going too far

"If your Overweight watch out" Your the next target for the state... Looking at all the online sunday papers I found a very disturbing article, A Scottish family are going to have some of their children removed from their care permanently because their FAT? Is this what Cameron’s “Big Society” is all about, a Dictatorship, the state telling people what and how they bring their children up? So these children are FAT, OVERWEIGHT, OBESE, there is no accusation that these children are not loved, there is a mild doubt … Read More



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I was a builder of homes until the banks crashed and took me with them--I am now a wellness coach and network marketer. I love sports and also love the little thing I do to make a living.

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  1. This is truly sad, I am passionate about stopping obesity in children but taking the away fro parents is not it. Yes the parents need adjusting and intervention. It is all about life styles — unfortunately many times when obese adults come in your view soon the children appear and they are also obese–diet and lifestyle. Americans keep getting fatter – but there has to be a better way other than removiing the children from their homes!!


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