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A good friend of mine wrote a book entitled “Three Months to LIve” -Thirty years ago -he works in New York and is as healthy as anyone I know–its all about what you believe and you are right on–wish you well and God’s blessings.

My First Cancer

Today was treatment #10 (26 to go) — so two weeks of salvage radiation are now in the rearview mirror. All’s gone well, but…

It’s a bit early for side effects to set in, and exactly what they’ll be, how severe they’ll be and how long they’ll last — well, those are the uncertainties, all of them idiosyncratic to each one of us. However, they did caution me today to be prepared for some side effects: There’s no get-out-of-jail-free card.

Fatigue, though, is a given, but then, fatigue is cancer’s spectral companion and a hidden cost of its treatment.

I’ve now experienced one full cycle of the treatment protocol: Radiation every weekday afternoon followed by a rad onc appointment (on Mondays) and a blood draw (on Thursdays). The blood draw is for a complete blood count (CBC) to keep tabs on what the radiation to my pelvic bones may be…

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I was a builder of homes until the banks crashed and took me with them--I am now a wellness coach and network marketer. I love sports and also love the little thing I do to make a living.

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  1. This is a very special person–he survives beyond all odds and then writes a book to help others–we can all take direction from him

  2. wellness coach here and verfy interested!!


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